a tireless athlete who has not wanted to get away from baseball and is still struggling to become a major league coach

There’s nothing more fortunate than being able to make a living doing what you love most, and that’s what happened to Mark Grace, who spent 16 seasons playing alongside the Chicago Cubs and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

While still at Tustin High School in Tustin, California, he played baseball and also basketball until he entered San Diego State University, and that’s when he was recruited by the Cubs of Chicago, and where he was for 12 years, and is still the last Puppy to achieve a double, a triple and a homer in the same game, achieving it again in 1993.

Mark Grace wore the numbers 28 and 17 on his shirts and was a hitter and first baseman. Grace spent three years playing on the farm system and made his first appearance in the major leagues in 1985. He was the holder of four Gold Glove Awards and also led the Chicago Cubs team and was also an instructor in Hillsboro, Oregon. Class A Diamondbacks
In the year 2000 Mark Grace signed with the Diamondbacks a contract for 6 million dollars for two years, thus increasing the price of their assets.
Today he is retired from baseball, but it is thanks to his 16 seasons in Major League Baseball that he managed to make his wealth. Mark Grace is remembered for playing with the Chicago Cubs as well as the Arizona Diamondbacks in the national league and with whom he won the World Series in 2001.
Grace has done what she wanted. In 2003 he declares his retirement from baseball and decides to dedicate himself to the locution, a profession that worked very well for him. I’m going to be a color commentator for the Diamondbacks and Fox Saturday Baseball and continue with strategies and desires to become an administrator of a major league team.
Thanks to his experience and performance in baseball he will continue to be recognized forever in sports and television.